Pull Your Tooth Or Save It - Which Is Best?

At times you have a tooth that is extracted or diseased. Pulling the tooth out may seem like the best choice, especially when you are in pain. But this may not work every time. While dental implants may be an excellent option to consider, pulling out the teeth should not necessarily be the go option.

There might be a number of benefits of saving your tooth. You may go to a dentist in San Jose if you need treatments to restore it to good health. Feel lucky if you are living in California as the dentists there are skilled and professionally trained to give you back your natural smile. They may even help you to make the best decision.

In this article, we may focus on the benefits of saving your natural teeth. Let’s unfold some of them!

# What May Be The Benefits Of Saving A Tooth?

Normal teeth are grounded: Regular teeth are more grounded, work better, and are easier to focus on. While technology and materials are better than anyone expected, fabricated teeth may not have the same strength as regular teeth.

Avoid shifting teeth: At the point when a tooth is pulled, it makes a gap in your smile, permitting the surrounding teeth to move. This movement requires some investment and can ultimately create some issues with biting and chewing alignments. These issues can make a cascading type of influence of pain, poor nutrition, and diminished personal satisfaction.

Keep up with youthful appearance: At the point when teeth are pulled, the roots that help the jaw are pulled too. When there is a hole in the bone, the encompassing bone will infrequently collapse, causing individuals to seem older than they are.

No loss of confidence: There is no loss of confidence if you avoid pulling the tooth. Instead, get treated for the same and maintain a joyful smile.

Fewer costs: Replacing the tooth may cost more amount of money and time. Don’t think of pulling it to avoid extra cost.

# How To Save A Tooth?

There might be compelling reasons to hang onto your natural teeth as long as you can. But any decay or infection would be a challenge and may force you to make a decision. You may go through a series of options to restore your smile. Some of them are:

Root canal treatment

Teeth whitening

Dental veneers

Dental implants and crowns.

Inlays and Onlays.


Gum grafting and more.

# When To Have My Tooth Extracted?

Saving your tooth may always be preferred. But if you face any severe issues, then there is no option but to extract. Take a note and think beyond getting the best treatments from the dentist in San Jose, CA. For example, when a tooth is cracked or chipped, you may go for root canal treatment rather than extracting.

Have discussions with your dentist to get to a final decision and proceed further. Cross-examine and ask questions until your doubts are cleared.

What are you waiting for? Find a perfect dental office near you and restore your smiles back!

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